Can you think of an issue that has had massive amounts of resources (money, 时间和精力都投入其中, 但它仍然存在? It’s easy to think that, if we make enough resources available, an issue will magically disappear. 但是,仅有可用的资源是不够的. 的 resources need to reach the people that need them at the time that they need them.

作为商业领袖, you focus on giving your employees the tools and equipment they need to bring their best selves to work. But, what about the days when I am my worst self, my meh self or my short-deep-breath-I’m-ok self? I still need to go to work on those days, don’t I?

Supporting Employees Through Personal Challenges

有时候,生活就发生在工作中. 的se are those moments when we are not fully present—either physically or mentally. 在这种情况下,员工会向谁求助?


Some employees may be fortunate enough to have someone in their life on which they can count for support. 然而, it’s likely that many employees don’t possess the financial means or personal support network to address all of life’s challenges—especially the most complex personal problems.

大奥马哈工作实验室(GrOW) 程序 is a workplace benefit offered by the 推荐几个体彩外围app. It sits at the intersection between the at-work person and the at-home person. At GrOW, we purposely ignore those distinctions and focus on the whole person.


GrOW’s service centers on our team of workplace Navigators. 的y are available, on-site and on-demand, to employees at our partner companies. Navigators meet your employees where they are, not just mentally and emotionally. We go one step further to meet them where they spend most of their time: 在工作中.

A Navigator is there to form a relationship with each employee and ask them simple questions. You know, the kind that we so often forget to ask or don’t ask intentionally, like “How are you?和“不,真的,你好吗??” 的 most frequent response to that question demonstrates its significance. 通常, 推荐几个体彩外围app听到, “It has been so long since someone asked me that and I felt like they meant it.”

推荐几个体彩外围app的导航器创造空间that is safe and confidential, familiar and non-judgmental-让员工说话. We hold no power over their pay or their position. We foster a relationship with each employee and create a bridge for them back to the community.

Our team connects employees with relevant services from non-profits, government resources and individuals or organizations in the private sector. 推荐几个体彩外围app练习温暖的交接. 因为推荐几个体彩外围app和雇主的合作关系, we can know and understand the benefits they offer to employees. Where it’s appropriate, we make a connection back to HR or the benefit provider directly.


在过去的两年里,推荐几个体彩外围app创造了 partnerships with 11 employers across our community到目前为止,推荐几个体彩外围app已经 服务过800多人. 然而, what sticks with us most are the employee success stories at our partner organizations.

We helped one employee regain custody of their children and do so without facing mounting legal fees. We’ve helped numerous employees access wellness services through their EAP benefits. We’ve helped dispel misconceptions about seeking therapy and other forms of assistance. Employees come to trust the resource because they trust us.

去年, we partnered with a local non-profit to provide free tax preparation services to more than 100 employees at our partner companies. 通过推荐几个体彩外围app的财务指导服务, we’ve helped hundreds of individuals get on sound financial footing. 结果是, 他们已经能够买房子了, 汽车, 购买其他重要物品, 并负责任地这样做. For example, one employee became the first person in his family to become a homeowner.

Our team is also there for the most difficult of circumstances too. 一名正在经历虐待关系的员工. 某人正在经历失去爱人的痛苦. Or even someone contemplating taking their own life. We are available to these employees confidentially and for as long as they need us, without judgment.


Traditional workplace dynamics are primarily built on a judgmental framework. “I need you to show up on time, and leave your problems at the door.“诀窍是:做别人期望你做的事, no matter how you feel or what personal challenges you’re facing. 的re has been wider recognition that this may not be the best approach in terms of productivity and employee satisfaction.

Creating a supportive culture doesn’t mean that you lose sight of the bottom line. It doesn’t mean that you need to mimic family dynamics and use familial language in your workplace. 支持性的职场文化不是家庭.

Your colleagues represent a team or, my preferred analogy, a community. We are stronger when each community member feels the support of the community, 尤其是当推荐几个体彩外围app的生活变得艰难的时候. Support can mean many different things for different people, depending on the situation.

It’s a real benefit to have a person in your workplace—that you can call, email or text; walk down the hall to see; or even look up from your desk and see walking by—whose only job is to care about how you are and lend a hand. 这可以改变你的生活.

We support your employees in life so they can meet their potential 在工作中.

GrOW is a unique employee benefit that embeds a Navigator at your site to support employees, 这样他们就可以专注于工作.